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Reaching Your Audience

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Artists work hard to get exposure on social media, trying to get their content to go viral and grow their follower base. But, even after gaining a follower, it can be difficult to get them to see your content. You get lost in content algorithms as you struggle to get attention in a sea of other great content.

This means that you have to focus more and more time just to retain your existing audience, which makes it harder to focus on the art. There's a lot of online content dedicated to making artists stand out on social media, but there's a limit to how effective these methods are. You need to branch out into alternate delivery methods to get your art to reach your audience.

Lokal allows you to deliver content directly to your fans. This means that if they're a fan of your content, they'll definitely see it. You don't need to worry about whether you posted at the right time, or if you got enough likes in the first hour to get promoted to the people already following you.

All you need to do is grow your subscriber list, and we'll take care of delivering your content. Emails have always had a much higher rate of opens than social media, this makes it a great medium to deliver content.

When your subscribers see your content, you have their full attention. You won't have to compete with the next post for a subscriber's attention. Your art gets to exist in it's own context.

You can create exclusive content for paying subscribers and they will receive it as soon as . This means your subscribers will get notified whenever you share something new.

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